The pleasant manner of the consultation supports the feeling of wellbeing and being beautiful and secure. The understanding and expertise of Caroline Felber and her team is based on many years of experience.

Our services include

All Caroban and hair replacement products are available on our Webshop. You are also welcome to come to the our shop at Stiftsstrasse 4 in Lucerne or we can visit you at home.


Caroban products meet the highest quality requirements in terms of materials, production and short delivery times. The haute couture of millinery also applies to the manufacturing of Caroban products.


Caroban is a registered trademark and the design of Caroban, Caroban-LIGHT and Caroban-FIXED are registered at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.


The name Caroban is composed of CARO-line (Felber) and Tur-BAN and means magical/mystic.