Why Caroban?

The Caroban is the perfect headwear for women who have had to undergo chemotherapy due to a tumour or who have lost their hair for some other reason. The Caroban offers the wearer protection, adorns her and adds fashionable flair.

Losing hair also means letting go of a piece of one’s identity. Learning to deal with this and all other physical and mental changes in the context of a disease is a great challenge. We must gradually create a new self-image, perhaps even a new identity. Every affected person experiences this process differently.

This is exactly where the Caroban comes in. It gives those affected the opportunity to perceive themselves as part of society despite their changed appearance.

The Caroban is unique in Europe in terms of material, production method and user-friendliness. Careful, professional craftsmanship flows into this product, as does Caroline Felber’s pronounced flair for current trends and her eye for design.

The creation of the Caroban is based on 35 years of professional experience with headwear of all kinds. Our professional advice offers you security, well-being and creates trust. Caroban is a concrete contribution to the fact of hair loss and meets all requirements for comfort, aesthetics and beauty. It is easy to wear, practical and suitable for all situations.